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Influence – Influence is Pepperjam’s sister platform designed exclusively for influencers, or social media voices and micro-celebrities. Influence and Pepperjam Network work together to create a single destination for pitching new partnerships, launching collaborations and managing campaigns. The solution gives content marketers the tools they need to thrive in the affiliate channel.


How do I sign up? Content creators interested in joining Influence can follow these steps:


1.)    Navigate to

2.)    Click on the “Register” button

3.)    Fill in the required fields and verify the Service Agreement. If you have an existing publisher account with Pepperjam Network, be sure to use  a different email address to sign up for Influence.

4.)    Click “Login”

Although you are able to log in to the platform immediately, functionality is limited until your profile is complete.



Where do I log in?


Once registered, to log back into the platform, use the email and established password to regain entrance.


The login page for influence is:




What’s on my dashboard?


The dashboard is the first page you will see upon logging into the system and is updated on a daily basis.


The dashboard shows your total engagement rate of your linked social channels, which include clicks, likes and shares.




How do I fill out my profile?


1.      Click the “Settings” tab on the left side navigation.

2.      By default, you will be on the “Profile” tab. Fill in your profile details.

3.      Click “Save All”.


Completing your profile provides a distinct vision of your personal brand to advertisers contributing to the best possible collaboration recommendations through our advertiser portal.


How do I edit my account details?

1.      Navigate to “Settings” tab on the left side navigation.

2.      Click “Account” from the header nav options

3.      Edit or add your account information.

4.      Click “Save All”.




How do I link my social channels?


Link your primary social channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube – to display you global social stats as well as engagement rate across all social platforms:

1.      Navigate to the “Settings” page.

2.      Toggle the social accounts you wish to use by clicking each from “Off” to “On”.

3.      Provide your login credentials and you will be connected.




How do I create a campaign?


A campaign is the dialog between an advertiser and an influencer to determine the terms and action for the influencer to take for the agreed upon payout. To launch a campaign:


1.      Navigate to the Opportunities tab on the left side navigation.

2.      Click on the Advertiser you are interested in.

3.      Click the “Create Campaign” button.

4.      Supply the details needed for the campaign and click save.

The advertiser will receive your request for the campaign and will be able to approve, deny, or negotiate through the chat feature.




Where do I see my campaigns?

1.      Log into Influence and click “My Campaigns” on the left side navigation.

2.      By default, you will see all campaigns in all stages. Use the filters at the top of the page to narrow down your results.

3.      Select a campaign to coordinate a collaboration or reply to the advertiser by clicking the green action button.




How do I manage the campaigns or negotiate terms?

1.      Once you have accessed the campaign you wish to work on, you can see the specific campaign terms by going into the campaign details.

2.      Once in the campaign details page, you can make adjustments to any negotiating/pending campaigns by making the change in the ‘Campaign Terms’ section and clicking “Send Update”.

3.      Once approved, you will be notified that the campaign is approved and you links will be visible.


*Note: Only the campaign initiator can make physical changes to the campaign details. If you are not the initiator but need changes made, please utilize the chat function on the right side to have the initiator update the details.


How do I get links for a campaign?

1.      In the campaign details page in the campaigns section, navigate to the last section titled “Get Links & Launch”.

2.      Opening this section will display the social network you are approved to use for the campaign as well as the tracking link.

3.      It is important that you not alter the tracking link to be sure all sales are tracked correctly.



How do I see my campaign performance?

1.      When campaigns are active, you can see their production by going to “My Campaigns” > “Active Posts”.

2.      You will see all active campaigns along with their performance.

3.      Each campaign is broken down by social network (if more than one are used in a campaign).



Where can I see my earnings and payout history?

1.      In the upper right, click the “Account” tab.

2.      Select “Payments” from the drop down menu.

3.      Review the Earnings & Payments page by default or toggle to the Payments by Advertiser section to show a specific payout breakdown.


Please note, a valid W9 must be supplied in order for payment to be sent. Payments are sent out once your account reaches a minimum balance of $25 and are paid out monthly.


Who can I contact with additional questions about Influence?


You can use the Influencer Support link located at the bottom of each page to send in any additional questions or concerns you may have.

Influence support:



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