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Collaboration between advertisers and influencers is the crux of Influence—and this is done through campaigns. Influence provides you with the tools that you need to launch campaigns on social media and on blogs to make money. Here are a few examples of what a campaign can look like utilizing our tracking capabilities. 


Example 1: Instagram campaign with an Exclusive Promo Code or a link in your profile.

Instagram doesn’t permit links to live in the captions of their photos, making the platform the perfect opportunity to utilize our Exclusive Code technology. To track transactions through Instagram posts, an influencer should include their unique code in the caption of their photo. Each time that code is redeemed, they will earn a commission for referring the sale!

For influencers that do not secure an Exclusive Code for their collaboration, a link to the product generated through Influence should be placed in their bio and referenced in the photo’s caption.






Example 2: YouTube campaign using an Exclusive Code

Exclusive code is a tool within Influence that rewards you each time a unique code that an advertiser provides an influencer is redeemed – no click required.  On Youtube, reference a unique code when speaking to your audience. When your followers redeem the code and make a purchase, you get paid!

You can also put a link to the product in the video description to gain even further reach:








Example 3: Twitter campaign posting a link

Twitter has a direct integration with Influence allowing you to post content to the social platform with the click of a button without ever leaving the platform.  Enter your post content and click the “Post to Twitter” button. It’s as simple as that!




Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations require disclosure of any non-organic campaign, so be sure to disclose that you are compensated or use the hashtag #ad in your message. To learn more about FTC guidelines and how to keep your collaborations compliant, click here.

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