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Influence – Influence is Pepperjam’s sister platform designed exclusively for influencers, or social media voices and micro-celebrities. Influence and Pepperjam Network are connected allowing influencers to seamlessly pitch their content opportunities, launch collaborations and generate incremental revenue. The solution gives content marketers the tools they need to thrive in the affiliate channel and drive success for your program.


How do I begin working with Influencers?

Your brand becomes visible in Influence after opting in to the platform. To connect Influence, follow these steps: 


1.)    Navigate to Program Settings in Pepperjam Network

2.)    Click the Influence Check Box

3.)    Click “Complete Sign” on the Joining Influence Modal

4.)    Review and check the terms to agree

5.)    Click “Complete Signup” on the next Sign Up Modal

Note: Influencers are not able to send you campaigns or collaboration opportunities through Influence if you are not opted in to the platform as your brand is not visible until you have approved the terms and conditions during the sign-up process.



How do I view and search for Influencers that are joined to Influence in Pepperjam Network?


1.)    Navigate to Manage Publishers or Recruit Publishers  in Pepperjam Network

2.)    Use the Publisher Type filter to search for “Influencers Only”

3.)    Influencers will populate in the list view displaying their name and website

4.)    To view a specific influencer’s full profile, Click on the Influencer’s Name which will display the publisher details modal

5.)    To create a campaign with the influencer, click the “Connect” button, which will prompt you to log in to Optimizer

6.)    From Optimizer, you can view full profile for influencers and create campaigns


How do I view and search for Influencers that are joined to Influence from Optimizer?

1.)     Navigate to Find Publishers > Influencer Search

2.)    Use filters to select search criteria and click “Apply Filters”

3.)    Influencers will display in the list view

4.)    Click the “Detail” link to display the Influencer profile



How do I propose Campaigns?

A campaign is dialog between you and an influencer that determines the terms and conditions required for a collaboration. You can create campaigns with influencers through Optimizer in one of three ways: 

1.)    Navigate to Campaigns > Propose Campaign, which will open the Propose Campaign page.

2.)    To launch a campaign with a specific influencer, Navigate to Find Publishers  > Influencer Search. 

Click on “Propose Campaign” button for a specific Influencer.  This will populate the Influencer field with the Influencer that was selected. 

3.)    Navigate to Campaigns > Campaign List and click on the “Propose New Campaign” Button.


Once on the Propose Campaign page, complete the required fields for launching a campaign and click submit. The campaign will be sent to the influencer where they can review and reply.


How do I view my campaigns?


1.      In Optimizer, navigate to Campaigns

2.      This page displays all campaigns.  Filters are available to refine your results.

3.      Click on the “View Campaign” button to open the Campaign Detail View




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