Influence Glossary

Definitions for different terms and phrases used in Influence:


  • Additional Details: In Influence, this field hosts campaign particulars. The campaign initiator sets the details and can alter them throughout the negotiation phase of the campaign.
  • Advertiser: A person or company that promotes a product(s), service or event.


  • Advocate: Anyone who publicly speaks positively about a brand.


  • Audience Segmentation: A process that involves grouping a following by similar characteristics.


  • Brand Awareness: The general amount of recognition that a brand receives.


  • Campaign Dates: The start and end date that a campaign is run. An influencer is only responsible for producing content for the advertiser within the campaign date window.


  • Campaign Name: The designation given to a campaign by the initiator. The name should be short but descriptive.
  • Click Through Rate: Found by dividing the number of people who clicked on a link by the number of people who were initially exposed to the link.


  • Collaboration: The action of an advertiser and influencer working together to produce or create content to share with their respective audiences.


  • Commission: The amount (either dollar amount of percentage of sale) that the influencer receives for any transaction that was referred by the influencer.
  • Engagement: The total interactions (reactions, comments, and shares) from a single post or across all posts in a social network. Engagement shows how interactive the audience is with the post or posts.


  • Engagement Rate: The amount of interaction a piece of content sees generated by dividing the total number of followers from the social channels linked to the platform by total engagement and displayed as a percentage.


  • Exclusive Code: A unique promotional code consisting of letters and/or numbers that triggers a transaction referral directly to an influencer’s account. Exclusive Codes do not require a click to track a sale referral and can be used in instances where a URL is not clickable, such as by saying the code in a YouTube video or in the caption of an Instagram post.
  • Feed: A social media reel comprised of content opted into by the account owner.


  • Follower: An individual that values the content shared by an influencer and automates content into their personal feed.


  • FTC: An independent government agency for the elimination and prevention of anticompetitive business practices. The Federal Trade Commissionhas recently cracked down on brands and influencers who fail to disclose they’re paying or being paid to promote their products on social.


  • Gifting: Sharing an advertiser’s product with an influencer to include in imagery in addition to or in lieu of monetary payment. See also: Product Sample.


  • Impressions: A metric used to show the social impact of Influencer Marketing by measuring the overall exposure a post received. Impressions are the number of people who your post could have been seen by.
  • Influencer: Anyone with the ability to impact how others think or make decisions.


  • Mention: A post sent directly to a user by tagging their handle.


  • Monetize: Earning revenue from content through use of links or codes.


  • Options: A campaign additive in Influence, such as an Exclusive Code, Preferred Publisher, or Product Sample.


  • Placement Fee (USD): A flat amount given to the influencer by the advertiser in exchange for a campaign. Placement fees are given by the advertiser at the beginning of a campaign unless otherwise noted and agreed to by both parties.


  • Preferred Publisher: Network attribution technology that awards a specific publisher or influencer if they appear in the click stream, regardless of if they are last click. Preferred Publisher campaigns must be set up as part of the campaign negotiation process and are for a set duration of time.


  • Product Sample: A product sample that the advertiser sends to the influencer as a part of the campaign to be included in imagery or content.


  • Proposed Content: In Influence, this field notes the social network that will be used for the campaign. If more than one social network is selected, the campaign will include running on all selected social networks.
  • Social Takeover: A predetermined period of time when a brand gives an influencer access to post their own content on the advertiser’s social channel(s).


  • Status: In Influence, the campaign standing. Optional statuses in the platform include New, Negotiating, Approved, Content Approval, Active, Completed, Denied, and Canceled.
  • Terms: In Influence, the parameters of a campaign. Optional terms in the platform include Preferred Publisher, Exclusive Code, and Product Sample. Each is designed to make the campaign more desirable for the influencer and assist with their campaign.


  • Trend: A social media metric in Influence that shows the growth or decline in followers over the last 30 days.
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