Your Top Questions Answered 7.26.2018

Managing an affiliate program can be complicated, and we wanted to highlight a few of our top FAQs and review some key best practices for managing your program.

  • Setting up and scheduling commission terms
    • Learn more about the best ways to set up and change publisher terms as well as some best practices for utilizing dynamic commissioning options that will help you optimize your program
  • Sending affiliate newsletters 
    • Learn more about the Pepperjam newsletter feature, best practices for publisher communication and tips for creating newsletters for your program 
  • Publisher commission corrections 
    • Do you need to reverse commissions in the program? If you have returned, canceled or fraudulent orders you'll want to be sure to reverse them in your program, and we discuss the best ways to ensure these are reversed in the program so you aren't paying any unnecessary commissions
  • What is Optimizer? 
    • Optimizer is new tool in Pepperjam that allows you to find and recruit publishers that will be the best fit for the program based on your strategy, goals, etc. Learn more about the top 100 GAP and preset filter options as well as some tips and tricks for finding the best publishers

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