Content Curator Tool - Best Practices & Instructional Video

To get started, log into your publisher account and mouse over Content Curator in the Multichannel tab. If you have not yet registered for the tool, click Sign Up.

Once you register for an account, you can access it by clicking Login from the same location.

Going Live with Like2Buy:

  1. Link and feature photos in the Like2Buy moderation page. Once your Instagram account is connected in Curalate, your photos will pull in (you may need to hit the refresh button to pull them in after you connect).
  2. Add the Like2Buy link to your Instagram profile. We recommend adding a CTA (call to action) at the end of your bio copy as well, such as "Learn more about what you see in our feed here:"
  3. Incorporate CTAs into posts going forward. We recommend a consistent CTA at the end of each caption or in the location field, such as "Tap link in bio for recipe!" or "Link in bio to find out more." Check out our CTA Guide for more examples.

Promoting Like2Buy:

  • We recommend posting a photo on Instagram as an announcement that you are offering this new functionality.

Create Your First Reveal Image:

  1. Choose an image from your Instagram account (or upload a new one) to productize.
  2. Add products by placing a spatial tag to the photo, and adding the corresponding advertiser and product.
  3. Click embed to customize the image behavior, and copy the code to embed the Reveal image!



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