Customer Support Ticket System

The Customer Support Ticket System allows you to easily submit and track all of your advertiser inquiries from your account. Whenever you submit an inquiry, question, or provide feedback you will receive an email with a ticket number. This ticket number will allow you to easily manage and track all of your open tickets. This system will allow our Pepperjam Client Services Team to provide you with better, more streamlined communication. It will also allow them to respond and resolve inquiries more efficiently.

The ticket numbers are assigned when an inquiry is submitted. This will allow you to track the progress within Pepperjam, and will be stored within your account for future reference. Multiple team members can review your inquiry once it is submitted. We will collaborate on our end to efficiently resolve your inquiry. The designated specialist or service member will respond to your inquiry and work diligently to resolve it as soon as possible.

When submitting a ticket, be sure to provide us with the following information: a detailed explanation of your inquiry in the body of the ticket, and your Program ID and inquiry topic in the subject line. We ask this so that our team can easily find and reference your ticket in the future.

After you submit a ticket, you will be able to see which team member is responding to your ticket and will receive updates throughout the resolution process. This will allow you to provide any additional information that may be needed to the team member assigned to your ticket.

You can submit tickets from within your account. Simply click on the “Customer Support” icon in the upper right corner of your computer after you log in on the network.

An example of an inquiry is as follows: If you need an Pepperjam team member to update your terms and conditions within your program, include “PID 1234 Terms and Conditions Update” as the subject. Then be sure to provide the new terms and conditions for the program within the description within the box that is provided before submitting your inquiry.

There are many types of inquiries that can be submitted. These include the following:

  • New account setup questions - such as any questions that you may have about the launch process or launch instructions.

  • General account questions - such as how to update your email address, password, or account information if you were to hire a new account manager.

  • Creative inquiries - such as adding or editing banners, text links, coupons, custom ads, and flash or email advanced links; setting creatives to private for individual affiliates to use, questions regarding how to bulk edit creatives, what to do if you are having trouble uploading a bulk creative upload, and how to set up parameters on a creative destination URL.

  • Technology inquiries – how to setup and test your pixel, a request for information on product feed and the documentation you need as well as someone to review your feed and support regarding FTP Auto Batch Setting errors.

  • Credit card payment error inquires - Just let our team know if you are encountering them. Credit Card companies may not allow transitions to pass through internet companies such as ours. They simply might just need to add a code onto your card from their back end to activate the card for use with our company. Another payment error you might have questions about could be regarding invoices that don’t download, or any other invoicing questions.

One last feature that is available through the Network Support System is the “Report Quality Issue” tool. This is located in the right hand corner of the window that pops up when you click on an advertiser’s name for more details. This tool can be used to report an affiliate whose website might not be working, an email that was undelivered to them, or an incorrect phone number. You can also use this tool to report an affiliate who is in violation of your terms and conditions. Examples of this types of violation include: trademark bidding issues, suspicious sales or leads, promotional methods that are not matching how an affiliate promotes your brand, or an affiliate who’s ID you can’t not identify but is using encrypted tracking links. You can also submit third party tracking software inquiries, a request for more information on an affiliate to see how they are driving traffic to your site.

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    I sent in a request last week and no response. It was a simple question on how to change the primary site. Since there was no response, I decided to call the number on the site. All the numbers, including sales and support were answered by answering machines that said leave a message. However, all mail boxes were full.

    Stephan H

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