10 Steps to Getting Started

10 Steps to Getting Started 

Welcome to Pepperjam Affiliate Network! Below is a checklist of The Top 10 most important tasks to accomplish in order to successfully begin your program. So without further ado….

Add Creatives

1.)  Create Generic Link: The generic link is an affiliate tracking link that will always remain active in an advertiser program. The destination URL for the generic link should be set for the homepage. Affiliates will primarily use this link for tracking all promotions and content for a specific program instead of using specific tracking links for other creative links. If a creative is expired in an advertiser program and an affiliate is using this creative for promoting, the traffic will not direct to a dead page, instead, it will redirect and send the traffic through this generic link and to the destination page set.

2.)  Add Banner Creatives: Banners are a great way to display your brand with your new product lines or offers such as; free shipping, coupons, % off discounts, and much more. Banners should be updated with your programs current marketing calendar and promotions. It’s important to refresh them, remove all old promotions and add any new promotion to the account that is taking place at that time.

3.)  Add Text Links: Text links are text hyperlinks displayed in your program for affiliates use. These text links may include your brand name, new product lines, offers such as free shipping, coupons, % off discounts, and much more.

4.)  Add Coupon Codes (if applicable): Coupons are promotions or value propositions that could include a promotional code for consumers to enter in the shopping cart checkout for a discount on their purchase. A coupon affiliate needs these types of promotions to post on their site. Some common coupons or promotions would be; site-wide discounts, percentage off, dollar off, free shipping and buy 1 get 1 free.

Program Settings

5.)  Program Settings: This tab is very important and you will need to make sure the information provided here is as accurate as possible. This is where you will upload your display logo, square display logo, suggested keywords, restricted keywords, categories, languages, accept/decline methods, and promotional methods and descriptions. You will also be able to allow premier publishers to automatically join your program, decide what countries you ship to and decide if you want to require the nexus affidavit law.

6.)  Publisher Program Terms. When launching a new program it’s important to setup a commission term that’s right for your program. Take a look at what your competitors are offering their publishers. Review your margins and calculate what you can afford to pay and remember to keep room for commission increases. It is important to incentivize those publishers who deliver traffic and sales into your program. For example, maybe you want to set up exclusive offers for top performing affiliates and increase commissions when holding monthly promos or contests.

7.)  Create Relationship Messaging: Create a customized relationship and a revoke message to send out to publishers who either join your program or are being revoked from your program. The relationship message will be sent out one time to affiliates when they are approved into your program. You should make note that this message is in html format and if you were to just type it in the box, it would not be correctly formatted. The revoke message is for when an advertiser revokes an affiliate. You want to make sure when you are writing this message you explain why the affiliate is being revoked. This message is also in html format and it only goes out one time when the affiliate is being removed from the program. This section will also require you to use the creatives you uploaded from step 2 and 3. You will want to add banners and text links to your relationship message for new publishers to use. There is no need to add any creatives in a revoke message.

8.)  Create a Sign Up Form: The signup form is the affiliate registration page that allows affiliates to apply to your program and Pepperjam. It is highly recommended that this URL is placed on your website for referral of affiliate signups. There are two parts to this form; the introductory message and the success message. Your introductory message is what the affiliates will first see. You want this message to be something like “Thank you for your interest in the Pepperjam affiliate program, please fill out the following information.” Your success message should inform the applicant that their application was successfully submitted.

Manage Publishers

9.)  Recruit Publishers: Publisher Recruitment is very important to having a successful program and this section is one which you’ll use quite frequently. When it comes to publisher recruitment, it’s important to invite publishers you feel will be a good fit for your program. You want publishers who have an attractive homepage that is user friendly and includes advertiser categories with a unique landing page, advertisement opportunities, send out newsletters, and provide support. You’ll also want to make sure that the content of the publisher site is aligned with your site content. The goal is to find a publisher that will provide the quality traffic you need to produce sales. A great way to identify whether a publisher is a potential fit is to look for your competitors or resellers of your products within their site. This will help you to easily see whether they are already promoting similar products/brands.

10.)  Manage Publishers: The manage publishers tool provides you with access to all joined affiliates in your program. You can use this tool to search for an individual or a group of affiliates, to gain access to their affiliate contact information, update their commission terms, or remove affiliates from your program.

We hope that you find this quick 10 step guide helpful. If you have additional questions about how to set up or grow your affiliate program, we highly recommend that you check out our resource center. It is chalk full of how to videos and helpful tutorials. Again, Welcome to Pepperjam Affiliate Network!


Pepperjam Affiliate Network

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