What is Transparency Scoring?

The Transparency System is based on a scale from 0-5. Every publisher within Pepperjam Affiliate Network is given a score of 0-5 upon acceptance into the Network. However, transparency scores are dynamic - this means that transparency scores can go up or down once you are accepted into Pepperjam Affiliate Network based on various factors.

In an effort to increase your transparency score you may want to consider:

-Make sure your contact information is complete and accurate. Failure to provide accurate and verifiable contact information, including home or business address, telephone number, and e-mail may result in a low transparency score.

-Make sure you disclose ALL Web sites used for purposes of affiliate marketing on Pepperjam Affiliate Network. If you build a new Web site you should add it to your profile - similarly, if you stop using a particular Web site you should remove it from your profile.

-Make sure you disclose ALL promotional methods. DO NOT select a promotional method if you don't use it. Make sure your promotional methods are accurate at all times. If you are not honest about the promotional methods you are using your transparency score may be reduced and you may be removed from certain programs.

-Contact a Pepperjam Affiliate Network Representative at publisher-support@pepperjamnetwork.com for more information.

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    Joshua Wine

    I called the phone number listed and the representative had no idea what I was talking about.

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    Lee Smith

    I thought it was helpful. I am just getting started.

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