What is Placement Marketplace?

The Placement Marketplace
A market place where publishers can upload paid placements they have available for either purchase or a commission increase. Advertisers can review the placements available from their joined publishers and request the purchase of the placement from the publishers.       
How do I purchase a Placement?
After reviewing the available placements, there is a button to 'Request Placement.' Once you click on that button, a notification is sent to the Publisher that a placement has been requested by you, the Advertiser. Upon receipt of notification, the Publisher can Accept or Decline your request.
How will I know if my request has been accepted or declined?
You will receive an email notifying you of your requested placement.
Where will I receive notification?

You will receive an email notification to all Users and Sub Users in your account. You can also view all pending requests in the Placement Marketplace under the 'Requested Placements' tab.

My request has been accepted - now what?
Now it's up to you and the Publisher to make it happen! Once a placement has been accepted by the Publisher, you will receive an email Notification with recommended next steps. We suggest:
  • Reaching out to the publisher to confirm receipt and request any creative specifics they might need to launch the placement.
  • If for commission increase, load a new term and assign for this publisher for specified date range.
  • If for flat fee, bonus the affiliate for the amount of placement.
  • If creative is needed, load creative in system and make private to specific publisher.
How can I track the success of the placement?
Assuming that you've assigned this publisher with a private creative, you'll be able to run a creative details report for this placement.
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