Getting Started Step 7 – Communications Tab

Getting Started Step 7 – Communications Tab

Please take a moment to watch this short Communications Tab video.


Thank you for watching our communications tab how to video! I hope this was a helpful demonstration. You should now have a good understanding of where to find and how to review mail, newsletters, chat and customer support tabs.  Below is the video transcript for further review.


Welcome to the Pepperjam affiliate network how to videos. In this video we will review the mail tab, newsletters, chat feature, and the customer support tab.

Mail Tab:

Your mail tab will be just that, your mailbox. You will want to use this to your advantage since communicating with your publishers is key. This is a great feature for contacting your publishers and for them to contact you. Email is a great communications tool since it is more personal than other methods of communication. You can include more information about your program and you can also include attachments here for your publishers to view and use.

Newsletters Tab:

Newsletters allow you to reach out to all your active affiliates at once. It’s important to send out a newsletter at least once per month, if not more frequently. Newsletters are a great way for you to reach out to all your affiliates to provide them with important information-company news, new product lines, upcoming offers and promotions, contests, updates to your terms and conditions, and any new creative uploaded into your account(such as, new banners, text links, coupons, or product feed). In this video I will show you how to create a newsletter to communicate these account updates and opportunities.

Click on the communication tab >newsletters > create.

There are three sections to complete before sending out your newsletter, they are:

  • Recipients – This section allows you to choose who you want to send your newsletter too.
  • Message – This section is where you create, edit, and review the content of your newsletter.
  • Save – This sections allows you to save, send, and schedule your newsletter for distribution.

Let’s take a closer look at each section.

Before creating a newsletter it’s important to select who you want to receive your newsletter communication. Under the recipients section click on the method drop down menu.

  • You may send out your newsletter to ALL AFFILIATES.
  • Affiliates who JOINED your program BEFORE a specific DATE. Enter a date here or Select a date through the calendar icon.
  • Affiliates who JOINED your program AFTER a specific DATE. Enter a date here or Select a date through the calendar icon.
  • Select affiliates by their transparency rating. The EEAN Transparency System is based on a scale from 0 - 5. Every affiliate within EBay Enterprise Affiliate Network is given a score of 0 - 5 upon acceptance into the Network
  • Affiliates with 0-2 transparency ratings may in fact provide value to any given affiliate program; however, advertisers should be very careful to accept low transparency affiliates since an affiliate with a low transparency scores may result in poor quality traffic. Affiliates with a transparency score of 3 are considered to have an average transparency score and have likely either recently been accepted into EBay Enterprise Affiliate Network or have yet to perform to a level of an elite affiliate (4-5). Affiliates with high transparency scores (4-5) are considered elite and tend to perform better and send higher quality leads and sales than affiliates with lower transparency ratings (0-2).
  • You can send a newsletter by individual affiliate or affiliates.
  • By groups of affiliates. Select the refine drop down menu and choose your affiliate group.
  • If you want to forward your newsletter based on affiliate’s commission payout term select by program term and choose the term name.
  • Lastly, send out a newsletter by affiliate promotional method. Choose the promotional method type in the drop down menu. For example maybe you have new products in your product feed and want to send your communication directly to affiliates who promote by this promotional method. Click on the refine drop down menu and select affiliates who promote by product feed.

Next, create a name for your newsletter. The name is for your reference only. Affiliate will not see the name of the newsletter, but they will see the subject of the newsletter.

When developing your subject line, it is important that you summarize the content of the newsletter in a concise, yet compelling way. Publishers often receive hundreds of newsletters each day, so it is important to make it as easy as possible for them to know what is included in your message. Additionally, if you are distributing content in your newsletter that is time sensitive, you’ll want to note that and perhaps even include the dates. An example of this would be: “Merchant Name Weekly Deals-Offers End 2/23 (THIS SUNDAY)

After you have chosen a subject of your newsletter enter the message in the body section. The message is in html format. I recommend using an html editor such to assist with formatting the body correctly. See the affiliate first name, last name and email to enter into your newsletter. For example: Dear (affiliate first name parameter). Then enter in your message.

If your newsletter promotes new banners and text links it’s important to embed them using the tags drop down menu to the right.

After your message is complete it’s important to check if it’s formatted correctly. Enter your email address here and send preview. You will receive an email of the newsletter for review. You may also select the Preview in browser button for immediate review.

Once your newsletter is complete, you can save it as a draft for later editing, queue for sending which will send out the communication right away, or schedule for sending. This will allow you to schedule your newsletter communication at a specific date and time.

Once you have selected a save method you may review all your newsletters by selecting the communication tab > newsletters > view.

All newsletters will display below.

The list of newsletters will display the newsletter name, subject, creation date, scheduled date, status, number of affiliates your communicating too, and edit or delete button.

You can sort your newsletters through the sort drop down menu by (newsletter ID, NAME, SUBJECT, DATE CREATED, DATE SCHEDULED or by STATUS) next you may sort newsletters by ascending or descending order. Select the results per page drop down menu to increase the amount of newsletters displayed below. Or skip to a specific page by clicking on the page drop down menu.

If you have multiple newsletters you may narrow down your to the exact newsletter you’re looking for up above. You may search for a newsletter by name, subject, body, status (all, drafted, queued, scheduled or completed), by creation date or scheduled date select filter newsletters to complete your search.

Chat Tab:

Chat allows you to better communicate with your affiliate partners. Use chat to extend private offers, custom advertisements, coupons, or anything else you find useful. Chat is here to help you build and strengthen your affiliate partnerships. We recommend that you use this feature to your advantage to gain a stronger relationship with your affiliates.

Customer Support Tab:

If you have questions, problems or difficulties with your account, you can always use the customer support tab to submit a ticket. Once our team receives your ticket, we can review it and reach out to you. Simply type in a subject and a description and click on the orange “submit ticket” button.

Thank you for watching our communications tab how to video! I hope this was a helpful demonstration. You should now have a good understanding of where to find and how to review mail, newsletters, chat and customer support tabs.

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