Discover (Publisher Recommendation Engine) – Discover’s automated publisher recommendations are generating using the advertiser profile and preferences to deliver the best possible publisher recommendations.

**All tracking types have access to Discover.

**There is no additional cost to utilize this solution.

Logging into Discover

  Once logged into the Ascend Platform interface, please follow the steps below access Discover:

  1. In the top navigation, click on “Discover”
  2. You will automatically be logged in to “Discover”

Recommendations Page

Once logged in, your suggestions automatically populate in a card view. From this page, you can:

1.      Sort by Revenue, Sale Count or Site Visits

2.      Get more information or invite publishers using the buttons on the cards

3.      Send Custom Email to publishers

4.      Bulk invite publishers to your program


Publisher Search Tab

Seek the best possible publishers for your program with updated search filters:

1.      Sort by Revenue, Sale Count or Avg. Monthly Visits

2.      Gap analysis for the Top publishers on our network, which can also be exported to CSV

3.      Joined Date, search publishers who have joined Pepperjam since the date selected

4.      Primary Promo Method – set by Pepperjam

5.      Social media presence

5.      Get more information, invite publishers or send email using the buttons in each row



Send email Module

Available from the recommendation page or find publisher page, this allows the user to send an email to publisher with a custom message.  The email will come “from” the main user on the account


Email History

The history of emails sent through the system can be found on the send email modal or on the Publisher details modal on the email history tab


Gap Analysis Report

Available from the Publisher Search Tab under the Presets dropdown, this report produces a Top 100 Gap Analysis for publishers on our network and displays your program’s relationship to them.


Filter Presets

1.      Frequently used filter settings on the Publisher Search page can be saved as presets by clicking the Save Filters button.

2.      Saved presets can be edited by selecting the preset from the dropdown, changing the filters to their new positions, clicking the Save Filters button, unchecking the “Save a Copy” checkbox, and clicking the Save Preset button.

3.      Saved presets can be deleted by selecting the preset from the dropdown, clicking the Details button, then the Delete button.

**Only presets you created can be edited or deleted. Global presets cannot be changed.


Publisher Details Module

This module displays stats associated with a publishers’ individual social media accounts or blog stats. It also displays other info about the publisher such as their promotional methods, categories, geographic reach, and more.


Manage Groups

1.      Groups can be accessed using the Group filter

2.      Groups can be edited by selecting the group and then choosing edit group on the actions drop down

3.      Add new group by choosing Add Group from the actions drop down


Add/Delete from Group

1.      Publishers can be added or deleted from groups in bulk using the bulk action selection

2.      Publishers can be added or deleted from groups individually using the


Activate Page

Manage activation workflow seamlessly with all data and features available on the page

1.      View detailed profile information

2.      Change Term

3.      Send Email



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