Optimizer User Guide

Optimizer (Publisher Recommendations) – Optimizer’s automated publisher recommendations use Advertiser profile information and preferences to suggest publishers that are the best match for the program. 

  • All tracking types are supported at no additional cost

How to login the first time?

  Once logged into the network interface, please follow the steps below to log into Optimizer the first time.

  1. In the top navigation, click on “Optimizer”
  2. Click on “Forgot Your Password”
  3. Enter your network login email as your email address
  4. You will get a system email prompting you to set a password.
  5. Click on the link in the email
  6. Reset your password
  7. Log in

New publisher details:

  1. Performance Rating – Performance score is based on network performance data from the past 30 days
  2. Average Monthly Visits - Displays the number of average monthly visitors to the publisher’s website
  3. Social Impact - Social Impact displays followers and key stats across all social platforms for the publishers who have provided their information

Recommendations Page:

  1. Sort by Revenue, Sale Count or Site Visits
  2. Automated recommendations display in a card view
  3. Get more information or invite publishers using the buttons on the cards
  4. Bulk invite is available


Advanced Search Page:

  1. Sort by Revenue, Sale Count or Avg. Monthly Visits
  2. New filter for New to Network – publishers who have joined in the last 30 days
  3. Filters for social media presence
  4. Get more information or invite publishers using the buttons in each row
  5. Bulk invite is available


Publisher Details Modules:

  1. “Social Media Stats” tab displays data on each social platform and activity for each publisher who has provided their information
  2. “Blogs Stats” tab displayed on a separate tab




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