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 Exclusive Codes — Quick Reference


Exclusive Codes – A type of coupon creative which allow an advertiser to specify that the use of a specific coupon code will always result in commission for the publisher associated with it, regardless of whether they are present in the clickstream or not.

**All tracking types can use Exclusive Codes, however to do so, the integration team must enable the Exclusive Coupons permission. This is to ensure that the advertiser is properly sending coupons in their pixel fire.

**This feature is an enhanced version of Personalized Codes. All advertisers who previously used Personalized Codes will also be able to use Exclusive Codes.

**If an exclusive code is also added as a Suppressed Code, the Suppressed Code functionality will supersede the Exclusive Code functionality.

**You cannot use the same coupon code more than once at the current time. Ensure that all codes being used are unique.

Exclusive Codes – Settings for Dynamic Advertisers:

1. Navigate to the Attribution Settings Page by clicking on Settings à Attribution Settings

2. Click the Settings Link that corresponds to the Exclusive Codes feature.

3. Check the Enabled checkbox, then click Update.


**If, on the Attribution Settings page, the Exclusive Codes feature appears with grey messaging stating to contact the integration team’s Zendesk email, this means that the Exclusive Coupons permission is not enabled. This permission must first be enabled by integration in order to use the feature.

**Basic and Itemized advertisers do not need to use the Attribution Settings page to enable Exclusive Codes.

How to Add an Exclusive Code:

1. On the Coupons page under the Creatives menu, click Add New Coupon.

2. Select “Exclusive”

3. Click Edit Publisher List

4. Enter the assigned publisher’s ID and Save. **Note, only one publisher can be selected

5. Fill out all other mandatory/relevant fields

6. Click Save



How to Edit Coupons:

  1. On the Coupon page under the creatives menu, find the coupon creative you want to edit, and click its Edit button
  2. Make any required changes, then click Save


How to Bulk Upload Exclusive Codes

  1. On the Coupons page under the Creatives menu, click Upload Coupons
  2. Format a CSV file in the manner described on the screen a. To set a coupon as Exclusive in a bulk upload:
  3. Set exclusive as 1 to activate exclusive
  4. Add the publisher ID to the private_ids column
  5. Once the CSV file is created, click Browse or Choose File and select the CSV file you created.
  6. Click Submit



  1. Access the Attribution Report by clicking the Attribution Link under the Reports menu.
  2. Select Exclusive Codes from the Attribution Feature Dropdown, the desired date range, and any other appropriate filter criteria.
  3. Click Generate Report.


**Only orders where Exclusive Codes changed attribution will appear in this report. Orders where the advertiser would have received credit due to last click or another attribution feature, will not appear.


Viewing Existing Exclusive Codes (for Advertisers):

  1. Navigate to the Coupons Page under the Creatives Menu. Exclusive Codes are identifiable by the Visibility Status, “Exclusive.”
  2. To only display Exclusive Codes, select “Exclusive” from the Visibility dropdown. Then, click Filter.


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