Publisher Recruitment Best Practices

A successful affiliate program is one that dedicates time and resources towards ongoing recruitment efforts.

Benefits of recruitment can include:

  • Driving Revenue
  • Building Brand Awareness
  • Targeting New Customers
  • Increasing Traffic

A few things you should consider before conducting recruitment:

Review Top Performing Publishers on Pepperjam

  • Determine if top performers are joined to your program
    1. Are top performers driving revenue and traffic?
    2. A GAP Analysis can be provided by your contact at Pepperjam

Conduct Competitive Analysis

  • Review publisher’s sites to identify where your competitors are being promoted
    1. Are your competitors being promoted on sites where you aren’t?
    2. Are your competitors taking part in publisher placement opportunities that you aren’t?

Review Joined Top Performing Publishers

  • Review performance of joined publishers to determine which type of publishers are driving success and focus recruitment efforts on similar publishers


To recruit new publishers, simply log into your account and navigate to Publishers > Recruit Publishers. From here you can adjust the filters at the top of the page to narrow the search results based on a variety of options including publisher promotional method, keywords or customer reach. Once you have identified the publishers you’d like to recruit, choose the term you would like to invite them under and click invite.

Be sure to follow up with a direct email to the publisher. This communication should include

  • Your name, program name and PID
    • AOV
    • Conversion Rate
    • Commission Structure
    • Promotions
  • Let the publisher know why you are reaching out. Example: they have a pending application that you’d like to get approved
  • Are their additional requirements for partnership?
  • Ask for recommendations on how to build the brand on their site once integrated

Be sure to review your pending publishers regularly and send follow up emails to any who have not accepted your invite.

For publishers who have accepted, reach out to set up a call to discuss ways to optimize the partnership.

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