Transaction History Report

This report shows you a history of all orders from publishers. The transaction history report allows you to search by publisher ID, publisher group, an individual order ID and item ID purchased, showing the item name if applicable.

The transaction history report is located under the Reports > Transactions.

To view this report, begin by selecting the date range you wish to view. You can select a standard or custom range. The exact range will allow you to enter in an exact beginning and ending date. Enter in the dates in the format provided or you may click on the calendar icon and this will automatically format the dates for you.

After you have entered in a date range you may also select additional search options to further define your search. Filter your search by publisher ID. This allows you to review how much revenue is generated by an individual publisher. By publisher group you have created in your account.

Additional search filters you may select are creative type such as banners and text links or by item ID. The item ID is the individual product id that was purchased in the sales transaction. You may want to include or exclude the following optional fields in your report (publisher id, company, name, URL). Lastly, you can group the data below by publisher. You may also select to group this report by publisher which will lump all sales transactions together by publisher name.

Click on the printer icon to print this report or you may also download this report to your by clicking on the download icon here. To the right you can adjust the amount of rows to display below from 25 to 100 or skip to a different page under the page drop down menu.

The transaction history report begins with the Pepperjam Affiliate Network transaction ID #, publisher ID #, publisher partner name – which is clickable to review publisher contact details, publisher website, promo methods and transparency. Next is the publisher company name and order id. The order id is generated by the advertiser shopping cart. Link type - this displays the type of creative that was used (text, banner, coupon, product feed). The transaction type may include % commission, flat payout and so on.

The item ID is the individual product id that was purchased in the sales transaction. The sales amount and the total commission paid to the publisher is displayed next. The commission includes both the publisher commission and the Pepperjam Affiliate Network transaction fee.

This report provides the sale date and time of sale as well as the process date and time. The sale date and time is the date and time your pixel fires. The process date and time is when you submitted to Pepperjam Affiliate Network the order details.

The action column allows you to review more details on an individual sales transaction. Once locked or paid you will not be able to adjust the sale amount. All headers above are sort able by clicking on the header, this will display results from highest to lowest or lowest to highest. Below you will see the page and report total sale and commission amounts. To the bottom right you can adjust the amount of rows to display on the current page or skip to a different page.


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