Dynamic Commissioning Best Practices

Order vs Item level

  • Rules must be set at the Order or Item Level
  • Order Level rules are applied to total order amount
  • Item Level rules are applied to each Item individually
  • Item Level Commission Reporting is only available for Item Level Rules

Order of the rules

  • The Rules will be applied in the order they are listed
  • If more than 1 Rule applies, each of the actions will take place.


Commission Structure Best Practices:

Order of Rules:

  1. Rules that set a new commission

Example:  Base Commission - 4%; If New to file, equals 5%

  1. Rules that add to the commission

Example:  If Category A, add 2%

  1. Rules that remove commission

Example:  If Category Gift Card, equals 0%

Item Level Commissioning:

Set up all Rules at the Item Level

Exception:  Flat Bonuses. Flat Bonuses should be at the Order Level. If a Flat bonus is set at the item level, it will be multiplied by the number of items in the order


For additional information about Dynamic Commissioning, please check out our Dynamic Commissioning webinar here.

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