About Code Suppression

Code Suppression allows you to:

  • See which promotional codes are commissionable through the affiliate channel
  • See which suppressed codes are active, scheduled, and expired for the advertisers you are promoting
  • Maintain better control over commissions you're earning

Here’s how to see if advertisers have this attribution feature enabled:

  • Click the name of the advertiser within the publisher interface
  • Click the Attribution Features tab
  • Code Suppression will be listed if the advertiser has this turned on, along with a link to View Suppressed Codes


Click View Suppressed Codes to see a list of codes that are suppressed for the advertiser’s affiliate program, including Start Date, End Date and Status:


If you generated a transaction and did not receive commission because it included a suppressed code, it will be visible in the Transaction Details Report. Click the link within the Term column; this will include further details of the transaction.

The Commission (Comm.) column will include dashes (--) instead of a commission amount:


If you have any questions, please reach out to your Publisher Manager or publisher-support@pepperjamnetwork.com.

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