Transaction Details Report

The transaction details report provides you information for each individual sales transaction in your program. We recommend viewing this report often or at least on a weekly basis. If you need to correct an order that was canceled or returned you will use the transaction details report.

Click Transactions > Transaction Details

Select a date range (standard or custom) that you wish to view. Choose standard range to select preset durations from the drop down menu or utilize custom range to specify your own start and end date. Enter in the dates in the format provided or you may click on the calendar icon and this will automatically format the dates for you.

After you have entered in a date range you may also include additional columns (device type, new to file, coupons, and creative ID) by selecting the icon on the right. Please note that certain optional columns like new to file are only available if you use dynamic tracking. You may select additional filter options to further define your search. Depending on your tracking type these can include publisher ID, device type (mobile, tablet, desktop), creative ID, order ID, publisher group, new-to-file, creative type, and coupon code.

Once you have entered in the selected data above click generate report and your results will display down throughout the middle of the page. Click on the printer icon to print this report or you may download this report to your pc by clicking on the download icon. To the right you can adjust the number of rows to display below from 25 to 100 or skip to a different page under the page drop down menu.

Take note of the publisher name, sale amount, commission and sale date. Each transaction will have a status column located on the right which shows if an order is pending, locked or paid. The action column allows you to view specific details of the transaction and if needed, correct a pending order if there was a full or partial return so you aren’t paying commissions on these.

If you need to make an adjustment to an order or correct an order, you have the option to run this report by order id. To make a correction, click on Correct to the right of the order. You will then be able to adjust the amounts for individual items within the order if you are utilizing Itemized or Dynamic tracking. If you are on our Basic tracking, you can adjust the total order amount.

Corrections can also be uploaded in bulk. See instructions HERE.


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