Tracking Integration

Your affiliate program relies on a correctly working pixel, which allows Pepperjam to receive details of all affiliate-referred transactions that occur on your site.  This section allows you to test your pixel once it has been placed on your site’s order confirmation page, or any other page that you designate as a point in time where an affiliate can receive a commission.  You will need to follow the steps on this page in your account when conducting a test transaction on your site, which will allow Pepperjam to view the order details that have passed through and confirm if the pixel is working properly.

Instructions for placing your pixel will depend on the type of tracking you’re going to implement.  Please refer to the guides below for placing basic and itemized pixels.


Dynamic pixel integration:

Itemized pixel integration:

Basic pixel integration:

We recommend testing your pixel each time you implement any site changes that may affect the pixel or the checkout process.

For additional information about Dynamic Commissioning, please check out our Dynamic Commissioning webinar here.

If you are interested in upgrading to Dynamic tracking, please contact



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