Common Transaction Errors and Definitions

  • Publisher Not Found transaction errors occur when there is a transaction not from the affiliate space. This is a result of our new clickless/exclusive coupon tracking technology that has been rolled out. If there is not a clickless/exclusive coupon code applied to the transaction and the order is not affiliate attributed, the system advises that the transaction was not processed and displays this message. This message can be dismissed from your transaction errors.
  • The Following Headers Are Required ITEMID, QUANTITY: this means the file was not processed due to being in an incorrect format. No orders were received and this needs to be checked.
  • Transaction Rejected by Clear Saleing : if you are utilizing CS: Meaning that the transaction is not recognized as being an affiliate sale
  • Transaction does not exist: When attempting to modify an order feed with an order ID that is not in the system
  • Click Date is older than the duration of the payout term: The order was placed outside the cookie window so the system rejects the order
  • Corrections not allowed on paid or locked transactions: The corrected order feed attempted to correct or modify an order that has already been locked into the system
  • Affiliate does not have a relationship in the program/No Active Relationship Exists: order feed contained an affiliate ID that is not active with a particular merchant at this time but was in the past
  • Duplicate transaction or order ID: Feed contained an order or SKU ID combination that already exists in the system to the system rejects the order
  • Connection Timed Out/FTP/Batch URL: ftp: //.... experienced the following error: Unable to connect to FTP: this means that we could not connect to the FTP and the files were not received. This error needs to be checked as we are not receiving new or corrected files.
  • Quantity must be a non-negative integer: This means the value in the file was not an integer and contained a negative number in this system, essentially due to a file containing an amount that should be backed out, not the new amount of the order.
  • The supplied click is older than the term's cookie duration: The order has been submitted after the cookie duration.
  • Item Not Found: The item ID/SKU that was supplied in the feed did not exist in the system.

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