Publisher Transparency Scores

The Transparency System is based on a scale from 0 - 5. Every publisher within Pepperjam Affiliate Network is given a score of 0 - 5 upon acceptance into the Network. However, transparency scores are dynamic - this means that transparency scores can go up or down once the publisher is accepted into Pepperjam Affiliate Network based on various factors.      

Publishers with high transparency scores (4-5) are considered elite and tend to perform better and send higher quality leads and sales than publishers with lower transparency ratings (0-2). Publishers with a transparency score of 3 are considered to have an average transparency score and have likely either recently been accepted into Pepperjam Affiliate Network or have yet to perform to a level of an elite publisher (4-5). Publishers with 0-2 transparency ratings may in fact provide value to any given affiliate program; however, advertisers should be very careful to accept low transparency publishers since a publisher with a low transparency scores may result in poor quality traffic.

Advertisers must ultimately take responsibility for the publishers they accept into their program. The transparency score is meant to provide a relative gauge of confidence to advertisers. If you find that a publisher in your program is generating sales or leads that you have found to be of low quality please contact Pepperjam Affiliate Network Quality - or remove low transparency performing publishers.


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