Creating or Adding a Publisher Term

The publisher program terms page allows you to set your default commission rate, as well as any new commission rates you want to be available for publishers. To view Publisher Program Terms, select Settings > Commission Terms. To create terms, simply click Add Term. This allows you to specify a flat dollar amount payout or a percentage payout, as well as the cookie duration for this payout.

Additional options for setting up your term are available if you are utilizing Itemized or Dynamic tracking.

Once you add a new commission term, you can assign it to a publisher by going to the Publishers tab and clicking on Manage Publishers.  Search for the publisher whose commission you want to change, and select the new term from the drop-down. Please note that publishers require a 7-day notice to change their terms, but you can allow the change to take effect as soon as possible (pending acceptance from the publisher) by checking the Allow Early Acceptance box.  Then click Schedule Term.

If you are utilizing Dynamic Commissioning, please review our best practices for setting up dynamic commissioning terms here or view our helpful webinar here

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