Advertisers should adjust sales amounts so that they are not paying out commissions on cancellations or partial returns. Your locking period is the time frame that you can make these adjustments after the sale date. Corrections should be processed regularly and the frequency should depend on your locking period. For example, if the locking period is 30 days, corrections should be processed twice a month.

Transactions can be corrected in bulk or manually.

Manual Corrections

            These can be processed from the Transaction Details report. Locate the order that needs to be adjusted (specific Order IDs can be entered to filter the results) and click Correct. If you are utilizing our Itemized or Dynamic tracking, the individual items within that order will need to be adjusted. If you are using our Basic tracking, the sales total is the only adjustment needed.

Bulk Uploading Corrections

Uploading bulk transactions requires a file formatted to Pepperjam Affiliate Network specifications. Click on the bulk upload documentation – corrected transactions link for complete instructions.

The upload file must be in CSV (comma separated value) format. The first line of the file must be the header, with the required fields above. The fields are case sensitive and the order of the fields does not matter.

Once corrections are made they will reflect on the invoice for the month in which the corrections were made. For example, if an order is placed in September but the corrections are made in October, the corrections will reflect on the October invoice.


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