Upgrading to Dynamic Tracking

Dynamic commissioning is the newest tracking type available within Pepperjam, and the upgrade is completely free! To upgrade your program to dynamic commissioning, please reach out to the advertiser support team customer-care@pepperjam.com, and we will follow up with the next steps. Please take note of your program’s current tracking type. Your program will either use basic or itemized tracking, and your upgrade process will differ based on the current tracking type.

Upgrading from Basic to Dynamic

  • Upgrading from basic to dynamic requires Pepperjam to create a new program ID that will be used for your dynamic account. Once requested, our support team will follow up with a new Program ID that will be used to place and test the dynamic pixel.
  • Once the dynamic program is created, our integration team will guide you through the next steps in placing and testing the pixel.
  • Please let us know if you require assistance in moving your creative assets into the new dynamic program. This is also a great opportunity to refresh your creatives for the program.
  • Once the pixel has been verified we can activate the dynamic program and begin migrating publishers to the new dynamic program. Please note that you SHOUD NOT remove the basic pixel until the migration is complete.
    • It is recommended that you communicate this update with your publishers through newsletters, email etc. to help minimize the time of the migration.
  • Once all or most of the program’s publishers have moved to the dynamic program, we can verify and close the basic program.
  • Keep in mind that because the dynamic program is an entirely new PID, the reporting from the basic program will no longer be available. It is recommended that you download any reports you may need before the basic program is shut down.
    • This data is not lost however and if needed the Pepperjam support team can assist with any info from basic program.

Upgrading from Itemized to Dynamic

  • The itemized tracking pixel is similar to the new dynamic pixel, and does not require a new program ID to upgrade.
  • If you are making any updates to your shopping cart provider please let us know, as our integration team may be able to provide some insight when placing the new pixel.
  • It is important to note that you SHOULD NOT remove the current pixel until you receive a confirmation from our integration team.


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