Recruiting Publishers

Publisher Recruitment

For any successful affiliate program finding publishers who are the best fit is key. Not ever publisher is going to be a good fit for your brand so you will want to look for publishers who align with your program goals, brand image, and accepted promotional methods. Be sure to visit a potential publisher’s site decide if you brand would work well. Check out the Publisher Types tab in the resource center for more info about some of the different types of publishers and how they promote. 

When looking for potential publishers to recruit to the program, go to the publishers tab>manage publishers. There are a number of ways to filter publishers (company names, url, etc.). An important filter is status, which allows you to search publishers who have applied, joined, or been invited to the program. Set the status filter to “no relationship” when looking for new publishers to recruit to the program. Narrow your search to publishers that will be a good a fit by selecting you category (ex: clothing and apparel) and consider adding a filter for promotional method (ex: Blog). You can also add additional key words for example if you are searching for clothing/apparel publishers you may want to add a keyword like “jeans” to find publishers that may specify that type of product.

Once you have decided to invite a publisher to your program, go to the right column in the manage publishers page. Choose the term you would like to invite them under and click invite. It is also recommend that you check your list of invited publishers often and reach out to them in order to see if anything else is needed to join the program. Publishers receive many emails from advertisers so they have missed the invitation, however some publishers do have certain requirements in order to join like a new merchant addendum, integration etc.

Publishers who have not joined/applied to the program will not list their full contact info, and we recommend viewing the publisher’s website as they often have their best contact listed. If you have any difficulty getting in contact with publishers, or any questions on recruiting publishers to your program please reach out to the advertiser support team.

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