Affiliate Program Newsletters

Communication is key to a successful affiliate program. In addition to direct communication with publishers it is also helpful to send out newsletters to your publishers. Consider sending a newsletter whenever you have an update to your website, new products, and promotions or even just as reminder to your publishers of their incentive to promote the program. Sending a newsletter on weekly, or at least monthly basis will help keep your program on publisher’s radar.

You can also adjust your send list for individual publishers, or groups of publishers that you have any created. 

You will need to use html to create the body of your newsletter. If you don’t already have an html software you use there are many free versions available to download. Copy and paste the html code in to the body section of the newsletters. Keep in mind the “tag” feature allows you to tag specific creatives or even add a publisher first name so that it automatically generates for each publisher.

The tag feature is especially beneficial as publishers will be able to pull the link for each creative directly from the newsletter when they receive it. If you have preferred creatives, new creatives or specific creatives that align with your newsletter you will want to include these tags for publishers to use.

Select a save option once finished. You can save it as a draft and continue working on the newsletter at a later date, queue of sending which sets the system up to process the newsletter and send to your publishers, or schedule for sending and you can choose your send date and time. You may want to create several newsletters ahead of time and schedule them for specific send dates. You can also schedule your send time for a few hours after you have finished creating the newsletter which will allow to return and make any edits before the newsletter is sent.

For additional information on creating newsletters, please review our webinar on Effective Affiliate Newsletters here.

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