What are my promotional method options?

The promotional methods supported on Pepperjam Network include:

Web Site/Content – Promoting advertisers via your own site which contains unique and original content.

Coupon/Value Proposition – Offering coupons to your audience via your site.

Product Feed – Offering individual, specific merchant products to your audience.

Incentive – Offering rewards to your audience to shop your links.

Social Shopping – Promoting advertisers via shopping engine and interactions between your audience members.

Paid Search – Promoting advertisers via search engine results.

Merchant Product Review – Reviewing an advertiser’s product via blog.

Comparison Shopping – Promoting via comparing different advertiser’s products.

CPA/Sub-Affiliate Network – Promoting via an affiliate network of publishers.

Pay-Per-Call – Promoting advertiser’s via referring customers to advertisers’ call centers.

Email Marketing – Promoting advertisers via email.

Loyalty - Offering users an incentive to shop your links (i.e. cashback).

Video – Promoting advertisers via video (i.e. YouTube, Twitch, etc).

Blog – Promoting advertisers via personal blog posts.

Mobile Traffic – Offering promotions to your mobile audience.

Toolbar – Offering users downloadable software.

Direct Link – Promoting advertisers via a link to the advertiser’s homepage.

Search Engine optimization (SEO) – Promoting advertisers via organic search results.

eBay – Promoting advertisers using your personal eBay store.

Mobile/Tablet Application – Promoting advertisers via your company’s mobile application.

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