How do I create a deep link?

You can create a deep link for any advertiser you are joined with by using the Pepperjam Link Generator, which is found under the “Creatives” tab. To install, drag the link generator to your bookmark bar on your web browser. To generate a deep link, simply visit the specific page or product on the advertiser’s site, and click on the Pepperjam Link Generator icon in your bookmark bar. This will then produce a deep link to that specific product or page.

You can view the list of advertiser domains that are supported by the Pepperjam Link Generator by clicking the “View all supported domains” hyperlink.

Here is a video on how to use the Pepperjam Link Generator.

You can also create a deep link using the code options method. To create a deep link using code options, go to the “Creatives” tab, then select “Generic,” and click on “Code Options.” Then, copy and paste the URL of the product/page you would like to link to in the “Override Destination URL" field and click "Apply Options." You can then copy and paste the tracking URL generated below onto your site.

Please note that not all advertisers support deep linking.


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